Versatile lines, super-cool colours and impeccable cuts make the EMME Marella collection jackets and blazers stand out and become must-haves.
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22 articles

Perfect for every occasion, from leisure time to the office, from birthday parties to special occasions, the new jackets and blazers catalogue meets all contemporary style needs with a touch of glam.

Emme Marella styles are minimalist with sophisticated details. Double-breasted blazers, single-breasted blazers, patterned jackets with details such as often contrasting buttons add a modern twist. An elegant jersey or lurex blazer to wear with leather or a collection top.  The basket weave jacket with fringed edges is brimming with style, while the lace jacket is perfect for a special occasion.

In the new collection , the jacket becomes a must-have, over jeans ( or Bermudas for a casual chic look, teamed with dresses  long or short, for elegant, distinctive looks.